Hannover International Worship

Hannover International Worship

Hannover International Worship

Hannover International Worship

Hannover International Worship



Bishop Bvumbwe from Malawi

Worship in the Current Situation

In order to be able to joyfully celebrate our services, at the same time minimizing risk of infection, we have to comply with a set of rules and restrictions which may change on short notice. Thank you for helping to protect yourself and others!

FFP2 face masks: In order to enable singing in church, face masks are still mandatory for all visitors. We ask you to please put on your mask before entering church and to wear it throughout the service. Masks made of fabric, masks with a valve, or makeshift solutions like scarves are not allowed.

Seating: We are required to seat people at a certain distance from each other. Members of one household may of course sit together. We ask you to please not move the chairs around however.

Singing: We are happy to announce that as of March 2022, singing is allowed again wearing a FFP2 mask. Choirs fulfilling 2G requirements are exempt from this rule and may sing without masks, provided the distances are maintained.

Get-together: One of the most enjoyable parts of Hannover International Worship is having coffee and refreshments in the annex after the service, enjoying fellowship among visitors from many different nations and backgrounds, getting to know each other or just having a relaxed chat. Under the current conditions, we will have to decide on short notice for each service if the situation permits having a get-together. As much as everyone enjoys home-made food, please do not bring any along at this point. We will provide cookies or other small snacks.

Sunday School: We have not been able to recommence with Sunday school yet.

Please note: If you feel any signs of an infection, please protect yourself and others by staying at home. Call your doctor and ask him or her by phone how to proceed.

These restrictions limit our possibilities, but we will not let them keep us from celebrating joyful services again!



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