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World Day of Prayer

This year's World Day of Prayer comes from England, Wales, and North Ireland. As these are some of the main regions our visitors have a connection to, we have decided that it would be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this in our March service.

The World Day of Prayer is described as "a global ecumenical movement led by Christian women who welcome you to join in prayer and action for peace and justice."

The exciting part is that we get to experience a different country from around the world each year, which is so much more special in these times when travel has become so difficult. The focus still is on the women of the country the service comes from, but the days are long past that this was called "Women's Day of Prayer"... men are very welcome to join and to participate!

In this special service that has been prepared by a committee of British women from different denominations, we will get to hear scripture readings and the voices of women from those parts of the British Isles. These voices will be made heard by members of our own Hannover International Worship community.

Please join us in celebrating this service!


Picture by artist Angie Fox, © 2020 World Day of Prayer International Committee, Inc.

Worship in the Current Situation

In order to be able to joyfully celebrate our services, at the same time minimizing risk of infection, we have to comply with a set of rules and restrictions which may change on short notice. Thank you for helping to protect yourself and others!

3G: The church council of Petri-Nikodemus has decided that all services currently taking place in these churches shall be under 3G conditions: "geimpft - genesen - getestet" - vaccinated, recovered, or tested. Please have your certificate of full vaccination or recovery ready as you enter the church, or a negative test certificate not older than 24 hours. A self test is not sufficient.

FFP2 face masks: All visitors are required to put on an FFP2 face mask before entering church and to wear it throughout the service. Masks made of fabric, masks with a valve, or makeshift solutions like scarves are not allowed.

QR Code: Taking down your contact information for the purpose of contact tracing is no longer required, but we will provide a QR code for those of you who wish to check in and be notified in case of an outbreak.

Seating: We are required to seat people at a certain distance from each other. Members of one household may of course sit together. We ask you to please not move the chairs around however.

Singing: We are happy to announce that as of March 2022, singing is allowed again wearing a FFP2 mask. Choirs fulfilling 2G requirements are exempt from this rule and may sing without masks, provided the distances are maintained.

Get-together: One of the most enjoyable parts of Hannover International Worship is having coffee and refreshments in the annex after the service, enjoying fellowship among visitors from many different nations and backgrounds, getting to know each other or just having a relaxed chat. Unfortunately, this essential part of Hannover International Worship has become very difficult under Covid conditions. We have in fact begun having our get-together again after some services, but we will have to decide on short notice for each service if the situation permits this. If so, it can currently take place only under 3G restrictions which are checked before the service anyway. As much as everyone enjoys home-made food, please do not bring any along at this point. We will provide cookies or other small snacks.

Sunday School: We have not been able to recommence with Sunday school yet.

Please note: If you feel any signs of an infection, please protect yourself and others by staying at home. Call your doctor and ask him or her by phone how to proceed.

These restrictions limit our possibilities, but we will not let them keep us from celebrating joyful services again!




Hannover International Worship mourns the death of Pastor Dr. Drea Fröchtling who passed away a few days before Christmas. She was a regular preacher at HIW.

Since 2012 she was Professor for Practical Theology with an intercultural perspective at the College for Intercultural Theology in Hermannsburg. Her main focus was the intercultural ministry of caring for and serving to the needy. For several years she lived and worked in South Africa and had ecumenical contacts all over the world.

She will live on in our memories of her, of her warmth, her humour, and her joy in life. We commend her to God's care.



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