The Hannover International Worship team welcomes you: Come and join us for worship at Petri Church in Kleefeld!

We celebrate our services on the third Sunday of every month at 11:30 a.m., featuring English language sermons by a different preacher each time.

After service, you are invited to join us for coffee and refreshments. Meet some of the other visitors from many nations and backgrounds. Enjoy getting to know each other or just having a relaxed chat.


Intercultural Group of Lay Preachers

The Lektoren- & Prädikantendienst is the ministry to train lay readers and lay preachers. E.g. they are equipped to conduct worship services on their own – lay readers with a sermon that they have adapted.

The Interkulturelle Lektorenkurs is a training especially designed for church members who have – some of – their roots in other countries but Germany. On March 19th, the participants of the Interkultureller Lektorenkurs will be responsible for the next HIW service, Dr. Vera Christina Pabst will be the preacher. There will be songs, prayers and readings in Arabic, Farsi, Vietnamese and English.

We want to celebrate our diversity and unity in Christ. We will remember Jesus entering Jerusalem on the day we call Palm Sunday today. It happend on the occasion of a Feast that drew believers from different nations to the capital.

You are cordially invited to join us in celebrating Jesus Christ – the King who still draws us from different backgrounds and nations to worship HIM.

Keep warm!

Due to the possibility of an upcoming gas shortage in which private households will be prioritized, we will not be allowed to heat the church this winter beyond keeping it frost-free.

Please dress accordingly so that you will feel warm and comfortable nonetheless. We will provide some blankets for you to use, but please come prepared.

We may decide to celebrate some of our services in the annex which will at least be heated, though not to living room temperatures.


Pastor Marit Ritzenhoff went blanket shopping.



About us

Our history - our team - our preachers: Learn more about Hannover International Worship.

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