Benti Ujulu Tesso

Rev. Dr. Benti Ujulu Tesso

Rev. Dr. Benti Ujulu Tesso was born and grew up in Oromia Federal State of Ethiopia. He studied theology at Mekane Yesus Theological Seminary in Addis Abeba. Having being ordained as a pastor, he served as director of a hostel, director of a bible school and President (Bishop) of the Western Wollaga Bethel Synod in Dembi Dollo. He then continued his theological studies at the University of Natal in South Africa.

In 2002, he came to Germany to serve as ecumenical pastor at Petri congregation. He is now pastor of the Titus congregation in Hannover-Vahrenheide.

Beside his pastoral ministry, he received a Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. Phil) degree from Hildesheim University. He is also a visiting lecturer of African religions and philosophy at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena.

He is one of the founding members of Hannover International Worship and has been a regular preacher for many years.